I am Maryln D. Apodaca and 43 years old. I was started when I was only 12 years old. I was worked a restaurant on our home town with my relatives. His name is jhon. I worked a chocolate factory and I loved chocolate that’s why I was working 5 years long. And my during the service I learn more and more thinks.

Every worker are worked here for the money and servable their life. But I worked with love and learn how to work more and sometimes I was think if I have a factory here only making chocolate. Lots types of chocolate.

But believe me now my dream comes true very soon. Now I have two factories. My chocolate brand name is Mantoes. And present time I am supplied chocolate around the 15 countries. And my factory worker almost 220. They are working  with us.

You believe or not, that’s not my main job. My job is blogging and experiment with the chocolate. And I am moderator of different kind of TV channel who are arrange the chocolate making program. Here I am a moderate the student as a judge.

That’s my story but story does not stoppable its running and running. Any time of my day, when I am thinking who I am? And what I am doing? Sometimes I feel is it dreamed? Or  not?

Dear blogger you can trust me or not I have no problem but I have a question to you. Now you can start or not. because time is not stoppable its running and running for make the future.