Day: February 12, 2017

Hastie’s Salad

I didn’t make up this recipe.  And I know it seems presumptuous to title a post “Hatsie’s” anything.  But this is what we call it, because it is my favorite thing ever, ever, and if I renamed it, my family would think it’s weird. I don’t actually know whose recipe this was originally.  A friend of my […]

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Hatch Chile Salsa Verde

  It’s Hatch Chile season!  If you’ve never been to New Mexico, let me tell you about Hatch chilies.  Grown in the Hatch valley in New Mexico, they’re a long green pepper that ranges in spice level from very mild to jalapeno-level spice.  In New Mexico they’re a staple–the green chili there, not the pepper but […]

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